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Floor Cleaning Projects

Cleaning Tips

How to Use a Floor Scrubber: A Step-By-Step Guide

A floor scrubber is an efficient tool designed to effectively deep clean large areas of flooring in just one pass. Floor scrubbers are relatively simple to use, but you must carefully prep both the scrubber and the work area before you begin scrubbing so as to ensure...

Latest Post

Flooring Installation Costs & Timeline – A Guide

Regardless of what flooring option you have chosen to use in your next home renovation, flooring installation projects all share quite similar timelines. Before beginning your next flooring project, take the time to review this guide and develop your own flooring...

Tile vs Vinyl Flooring: What’s Best for Your Bathroom?

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom flooring, then chances are you have browsed the overwhelming variety of options available at your local home renovation and hardware stores. As you are probably already aware, the top two flooring options advised for...

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