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Floor Cleaning Projects

Cleaning Tips

How to Use a Floor Scrubber: A Step-By-Step Guide

A floor scrubber is an efficient tool designed to effectively deep clean large areas of flooring in just one pass. Floor scrubbers are relatively simple to use, but you must carefully prep both the scrubber and the work area before you begin scrubbing so as to ensure...

Latest Post

Four carpet installation tips for your next DIY project

Carpet installation is one of the trickier projects to DIY. Professional installation costs are generally quite affordable so most consumers choose to skip the hassle altogether. But if you are adamant about doing it yourself, it helps to be prepared. Carpet...

How do you know when hardwood flooring is beyond repair?

As homeowners, we are always looking to keep our homes comfortable and up to date. If you are planning to update your kitchen flooring for the new year (trying to amaze your friends and family on Thanksgiving and Christmas?) then you need to look no further than our...

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