Your Living Space | The Vinyl Frontier | Boldly Floor Like Never Before

Vinyl flooring is one the most stylish, durable, and cost efficient flooring options in today’s market. This flooring material can be designed to appear as an array of different surfaces. Without close examination, a person will never realize that they are not standing on an oak or tile surface. Because of its’ affordability, vinyl has raised flooring to a new level in popularity. Also, it is durable, making it a perfect choice for high traffic and often messier rooms in your home. With improved technology, luxury vinyl tile is being introduced. As a result, homeowners are now enjoying high-end designer styles at a lower cost than other choices like hardwood and tile.
Another positive aspect of this type of flooring material is its’ lifespan. A homeowner can easily expect to receive 10 – 20 years of solid use from a vinyl floor. It is also quick and easy to install. And best of all, it’s is easy to clean. The design choices are almost endless, superbly mimicking slate, wood, tile, marble, stone, and concrete to name a few. Another wonderful attribute of this flooring that a person will appreciate in the long run, is the comfort of the material. Properly installed with the correct subflooring, its padded presence will be felt as a warm, welcomed added bonus.
Regardless of your budget, vinyl is a wonderful option to consider for the home, allowing one to boldly floor like never before!
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