Holiday Remodel | How to Bring Your Vision to Life Before the Big Parties

First. Call a pro! If you plan to pull off this feat without a hitch, it will be necessary to have certified professionals on hand to complete your holiday remodel. Amidst all the other events and happenings in which you need to prepare for, reflooring your kitchen is not one of the responsibilities you should personally tackle right now. Work with a floor designer to create your vision and have a team implement it. This will allow you to focus on decorations, hosting, planning the big meal, or finalizing the guest list.
Second. Start now! Don’t wait to begin a holiday remodel. You know what type and style of flooring you want, schedule your project as soon as possible. You don’t want your home in chaos the days just before Christmas, do you? The best way to beat that scenario is to get the work going now. You will be surprised at the little snags that will be hit along the way. Plan your work and work your plan. You’ll be sipping eggnog and relaxing while the turkey finishes cooking the day before your party with your holiday remodel beautifully completed.
Third. Prepare. This will go a long way in helping to complete your holiday remodel in a timely manner. You have your flooring type and style. You have your plan. The crew is coming on Monday. Most importantly for you, clean out the areas where the work will be happening. Have a clean slate prepared for the flooring team when they arrive. They will be able to focus directly on their work instead of using precious time to move clutter from the work area.
Fourth. Try to relax. If you have taken care of the first three steps, this should be an easy one. You have your team and a plan laid out. Let them take care of your holiday remodel while you decide where to seat your unruly aunt or uncle.
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