Hardwood floors are beautiful, long-lasting surfaces that endure years of foot traffic. When well-kept, wood flooring is prized in historic homes. Likewise, the shine of finished wood adds character and depth to newly constructed dwellings. Often more expensive than other flooring options, their decorative nature and durability make wood floors well worth the price tag. Whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, there is nothing quite as classic and elegant as their appearance.

Considering hardwood floors for your home?  Here are 4 reasons why they are the long-standing choice.

1) They remain beautiful for ages.

Hardwood floors are a tried and true surface that remain beautiful and vibrant through the ages. Their rich, durable appearance adds accent to a home that you will not experience with any other flooring surface. Each piece has its own distinct pattern and grain. As a result, you are able create a true, one-of-a-kind flooring experience.

2) Pre-finished hardwood floors are amazingly durable.
When professionally installed, pre-finished hardwood floors will stand up to an array of spills, crashes, and bangs from your everyday life. Your flooring team will meet the required installation specifications, allowing you to enjoy a longer manufacturer’s warranty. Wood is extraordinarily tough. When installed correctly by the pros, it’s as durable as any surface you can find.
3) Hardwood floors are one of the easiest surfaces to maintain.

Having your hardwood floors installed by professionals assures an easy maintenance plan for your family. They are quick to sweep. And a damp towel or light mopping will keep their shine for years to come. You should also have them cleaned by your professional team of experts once a year to insure that they remain sealed and preserved.

4) They will not harbor allergens.

Hardwood will not collect allergens like many other surfaces. This comes as a major relief to anyone who suffers seasonal allergies. It is an indispensable benefit for anyone who experiences everyday sensitivity to allergens. Replacing wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood floors is the first recommendation made by flooring experts for people who have allergies.

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