Remodeling your kitchen? A backsplash is something subtle that every sink counter needs. It offers a perfect opportunity for you to show off some creative thinking and interior design suave.

Did you know: most backsplash are made from recycled materials? It’s a great way to save some cash and take care of the environment.

If the team at The Carpet Center is installing your new kitchen floor, ask us about backsplash options. We are familiar with using flooring material as a backsplash and would be happy to answer any questions.

The perfect backsplash for your new kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to install. Here are a few reasons you should consider using flooring as your backsplash for your newly remodeled kitchen.

1. It’s practical.

Backsplashes serve as a protective layer that will prevent you from having to figure out how to clean spaghetti sauce off drywall or paneling. Even if you are a tidy chef, accidents happen.

The material you use to cover the wall between your countertop and cabinets should be
Durable enough to endure cleaning and hot temperatures,
Easy to clean with the cleaning supplies you already have in the kitchen,
And moisture friendly.

Vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or tiles that are all designed to withstand the demands of a kitchen floor are more than equipped to keep your wall spaghetti free.

2. You have the opportunity to get creative with leftover flooring pieces.

The backsplash presents a great opportunity to add some style to the kitchen. How can boring flooring pieces be made into a masterpiece? With a little creative thinking.

The key to a good backsplash is: ingenuity. It uses simple materials in the most creative ways. The most common materials are tile and stone. These materials can be arranged in unique herringbone and chevron patterns. Or, keep it classic and decorate around the subtlety.

Do some research. See what others have done. Your backsplash could be just the thing to take your kitchen from simply functional to the first room you show off to your guests.

3. It is already coordinated with the kitchen.

Has anyone ever told you to start designing a room from the floor up? It’s not the end-all tip to interior design, but it is good advice.

When you are planning to remodel your kitchen, coordinate the floor, the counter, and the backsplash. Using leftover pieces of flooring is a great option, because they are already coordinated.

Don’t throw them out just yet.

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