floor colorsThings to Consider for Home Flooring

You’re building the dream home you’ve been saving for, or you’ve purchased the fixer-upper that you’ll raise your family in. Regardless of your scenario, choosing floor colors for your home’s new construction or remodel is an important decision. Your floors are the base on which you and your family will live, play, relax, and entertain. They are the surfaces you walk over every day and night. Each time you look down, you’ll see them. So, you definitely want to love the floor colors and design you have chosen. Here are the best ideas for choosing floor colors. Planning this part of your project will make a big difference in helping you arrive at the best choices.

  • Take into account the volume of traffic that will pass over that surface. Floor colors will fade when faced with enough footprints. Picking dark shades for a high traffic area will lower the color’s life span tremendously.
  • If money is an object, plan for the long-term. Trendy floor colors and design can be fun, but a royal pain in the pocketbook if you’re correcting a bad decision like the 1980’s, or replacing them to list a house on the market.
  • Invest in area rugs, entryway rugs, and hallway rugs. They add beautiful color to your rooms and preserve your floors at the same time.
  • Always remember that a neutral color will hold its shade for years. Neutral floor colors also provide an excellent palette for a creative approach to your walls. Grey and brown slate, natural and darkened wood, and natural stone are a few examples.
  • If you love dogs and kids, consider darker floor colors for your high traffic areas. A gorgeous, white floor won’t be that way for long if a pooch and two year old having anything to say about it.
  • A great bet for success is using light and dark tones to accentuate one another. If you plan on painting light walls, darken the floors a bit. Using a deeper tone for your walls? Lighten up the floor colors and ceiling.

If you need some help with choosing a color or need design help, give us a call!

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