Durable and Stylish Flooring Options | 5 Best on Today’s Market

A durable and stylish floor will change the game for your home. When you are considering a flooring surface, these two ideas are your best friends. Here are the 5 most durable and stylish flooring options on today’s market.
1) Stone – The most brilliant and lasting choice. Possibly the most unruly of all as well. Stone can be costly, and calls for professional installation and cleaning. But it’s beauty will continue to improve over the years. With its natural tones and appeal, stone remains the most applicable after surface of all time.
2) Bamboo – Another natural option, bamboo has been around for ages. It is becoming very popular in today’s market. It can be a more expensive material at times, but easier to install and clean. Bamboo is considered a wonderfully durable and renewable option. It’s natural coloration is a magnificent touch for both modern and historic homes alike.
3) Cork – This eco-friendly and sustainable option is another durable flooring surface that bounces back from almost anything. Each piece contains uniquely brilliant, earthy highlights that work well in most living spaces. As with most surfaces of it’s class, cork calls for professional cleaning and installation as well.
4) Hardwood – A challenge to install, a breeze to clean! Extraordinarily durable, hardwood floors are arguably the most stylish floor on today’s market. It’s ability to be refinished countless times makes it a prize find in a remodel and sure bet for the future in a new home. Hardwood provides an array of types, textures, and stains to be explored.
5) Tile – Porcelain and ceramic are the two most common types of tile. Both are amazing choices for the price and ease with which they can be preserved. Tile is another durable and absolutely stylish option that has been popular for centuries. You would be wise to have a professional install it though. Laying tile is extremely hard on your back and knees. Your patterns, textures, and color choices are nearly endless with tile.
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