When you are doing a renovation project and considering which types of flooring might be best, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a variety of factors for you to compare and consider so that you can make an informed decision about what type of flooring is best for your particular project and for the unique needs of your space. Carpet and hardwood are practically opposite choices in just about every way–carpet is soft, synthetic, and tends to be a shorter-term but also less expensive option, whereas hardwood is, obviously, hard, natural, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly, requiring a higher cost investment on the front end to purchase and install. If you are having a hard time deciding which option is best for your project, consider the following questions to help you choose. 

Questions to ask yourself to decide whether carpet or hardwood is the best option: 

How long do you need your flooring option to last?

Are you making a long-term investment that you’d like to last a lifetime, or do you simply need to cover the floors in something serviceable for the short-term? Hardwoods are the best option if you are looking for flooring with longevity, whereas carpet might be the best option if you are simply looking for a fast, easy solution that may not last as long but can also be installed much more quickly and easily. 

Are budget constraints tight or flexible?

Most projects do have budget constraints, and tight budgets don’t always leave room for every option. Before you spend a long period of time considering which flooring option is best for your project based on other qualities such as ease of cleaning, appearance, etc., take into account your budget for this part of your project. Will you be able to afford hardwoods, or would it be best to eliminate this option on the front end? Keep in mind that there are several hardwood options that can suit different budgets. 

Which look can you live with?

Some people prefer the look of carpet to hardwood, and vice versa. Hardwood is traditionally considered to be a handsome option, but carpets offer a soft, welcoming alternative that some find to be quite cozy and inviting. This one is simply a matter of taste. Looking at a wide range of samples can help you prime your mind’s eye for envisioning which option will fit your ideal aesthetic. 


Whether you choose to go with plush carpet or sturdy hardwood, Carpet Center is your one-stop shop for flooring needs. Contact us today! 

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