Making Your Home Cozy With The Magic of Wall-to-Wall Flooring

We have seen carpet come and go in terms of popularity throughout the years. But there remains one notion that will always hold true. Carpet has a bit of magic in it. Since its inception, carpet has remained a top choice for wall-to-wall flooring in new and remodeled homes. Here are the reasons to keep this cozy choice in mind when you are considering your next project.

1) First, and often most important for many, carpet is the softest flooring material available. The texture of carpet is pleasing to the touch. Relaxing on your soft, warm, carpet floor is a wonderful way to enjoy time with the family. Also, it is a padded surface. Therefore, it absorbs the shock of walking that your spine would otherwise be forced to tolerate. It gives you a cushioning that is not possible with the likes of hardwood and tile. Not even laminate and vinyl can compete with its comfort.

2) Insulation. Because of its padding and material, carpet acts as a great insulator throughout the year. This is an outstanding advantage for homes that are built on crawl spaces. Its insulating properties work well to keep heat at bay during summer times and warmth contained in winter. You’ll never worry about getting out of bed to place your feet on a cold tile or wooden floor.

3) Due to the material carpet is made with, it is extremely easy to maintain. You probably own a vacuum cleaner. That is all you need. Yet, it is important to remember that having your floors professionally cleaned once a year will add ages to its life. Ask your installation team about the advances in steam cleaning methods.

4) Finally, carpets are being developed to withstand all sorts of stains. Ands as a result of improving technology, professionals are now capable of removing virtually any stain your floor may encounter. Carpets are also being created to hide stains and stand up to high traffic areas without showing signs of wear or fading over long periods of time.

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