Backsplashes | Under Cabinets: The Underrated Surface of Homes

Your challenge:

The next time you walk into a kitchen, remember where your eyes land first. Here’s a hint. The Backsplashes. Try the same challenge in a bathroom. Same result.

Many people forget about how backsplashes add a tremendous accent to kitchens and bathrooms. Choose any type you like. One of the hottest trends right now is the fusion of stone and glass. It results in one of the most gorgeous and vibrant effects we’ve seen. As with all surfaces these days, you have a bunch of choices. Glass, tile, natural stone, granite, and marble. These are just the beginning of the list.

Some tips.

If you have bright cabinets and floors, try a slightly darker tone to separate the room. Or, match your backsplashes with the counter tops and extend the height of a room. Either can work very well.

You should also try out some creative approaches with your backsplashes. Try installing some bright, boisterous colors that leap at the eyes. Add accent lighting to showcase the shimmers, contours, and shades of the surface. Using leftover pieces of flooring is also a great option, because they are already coordinated.

Backsplashes are the perfect space to compliment sleek appliances and faucets. Or, add depth to a rustic theme that features brass and darker tones.

And never forget one of the most currently loved backsplashes. Subway tile. You can add subway tile to a variety of settings and it will work perfectly.

You are getting a deal on the price you pay for an amazing impression as well. A person can rarely make this kind of visual impact with a such a small space.

Don’t let the surface under your cabinets be the underrated surface of your home.

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