4 Tips for Interior Decorating

You’ve just had your dream flooring just installed by the professionals at The Carpet Center in Conway, AR. Now what?

It’s time to take advantage of your gorgeous floor and put the room back together. Just how you like it. That’s right – it’s time to try some interior decorating.

Here are a few tips.

1. Consider functionality.

The first thing you should think of when doing some interior decorating is: how will this space be used. Functionality is important to making a room benefit the occupants and even stay in order if your family has a tendency to make a mess.

● How does your family intend to use this room?

● When you walk into this room what are you planning to accomplish?

● Where do you want to spend the most amount of time?

All these questions can help you with furniture and lighting placement. Every room of the house should take the answers to these questions into consideration. It will help create unity throughout your home.

2. Make it personal.

Adding your personal style is key to creating a positive living environment when it comes to decorating a home. Here are few tips to help you find elements that reflect, well, you.

● Get family photos printed. Everything is safely digital these days. Making room for a few favorite family photos can really add a personal touch to your home that your whole family will enjoy.

● Display your best decorative items and furniture prominently as a focal point of the room. This means your favorite decorations, expensive pieces and most used furniture. Got a coffee table that’s a family heirloom? Is your couch premium quality for comfort and relaxation? Have an area rug that you just adore? Start with those items.

● Reflect your personal style and the style of those you share the home with by using what you already have. No need to go out and buy all new decorative pieces and furniture. Get creative with what you already have in the house or in storage.

3. Don’t get discouraged.

Does your room feel off? Are you still stuck in a rut inspiration-wise? It’s time for a brainstorm.

Try removing major items, such as large furniture from the room. Many people have a hard time seeing a better place for their sofa after the sofa has been sitting in the same place year after year. Take a couch, recliner, or large decorative item out of the room and do some thinking.

4. Prioritize storage space.

Speaking of functionality, storage space is important. It’s not the most glamorous part of interior decorating, but it’s unavoidable if you’re not putting together a room for display in a magazine. Good storage space considers style and functionality.

Get creative. Use wicker baskets, style bookcases to match the room. Find a way to make your storage spaces work for you design-wise. Keep what you need in reach of where you will be working.

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