Tips for Using Area Rugs

Once you’ve got your beautiful flooring installed by the team from The Carpet Center in Conway, AR, it’s time to put a room together.Most Carpet Center customers already have a pretty good idea of what they want to do with the space after the flooring is installed—it’s an important aspect of choosing the right flooring. If you come to the conclusion that an area rug would be a perfect touch to bring the room together, here are a few tips.

Area rugs are great a “organizing” a room into areas of furniture and use.

What size rug do you need? It really depends on the layout of the furniture. If you are trying to create a conversation space in the great room, use a rug to pull the sofa, coffee table and lamp together. Typically, a rug should extend underneath the furniture and stills stay a few inches away from the wall.

Keep the rug from sliding around with a mat.

We don’t recommend tape. Rug tape can be especially harmful to hardwood flooring. If you ever need to rearrange the room you are decorating, you’ll want the floor under the rug to look good as new once you pick the rug up.

Choose the right texture, color and pattern.

If you are putting an area rug on carpet flooring, try contrasting the texture. For example: A shaggy rug looks great on neutral carpet.

Find the right area rug by deciding what function you want it to play in the overall look and feel of the room. Does it need to be muted to help “calm down” bold decorative pieces? Sometimes a brightly colored or textured rug is just what a room needs to bring it to life.

When you are designing, start with the rug.

When you decide what kind of flooring you want installed in a room, you should have a good idea what kind of interior design you are looking for.

It’s a good idea to consider area rugs long before any decisions are made. Area rugs are the aesthetic foundation which the furniture and design pieces work off of.

Rugs are great problem solvers.

Got a bad spot on your carpet? Worried about a particular area of your new hardwood floor being damaged? Area rugs have your back. They can help protect your floor and keep it looking stylish.

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