Why Should You Hire a Professional Floor Installer vs DIY?

You’ve picked out the new flooring of your dreams – maybe you even shopped around and found discounted materials! Now you’re spending evenings watching YouTube tutorials and scrolling Pinterest for DIY tricks and tips to save money and give your home a fresh new look. Before you roll up your sleeves and get ready to put your DIY skills to the test, consider the money and time you could save by hiring professional floor installers from The Carpet Center!

Tools and Material Savings

The standard home toolkit won’t cut it when it comes to most flooring installations. And having the tools isn’t the same as knowing how to use them for a finished, professional look – especially around tricky corners and household appliances. When it comes to your flooring installation, you might need some or all of the following tools:

  • Adhesive trowels, flat bars, and straight edges
  • Tape measures, levels, chalk lines, and floor rollers
  • Floor scraper, utility knife, and linoleum cutter
  • Chop saw, miter saw, table saw, wet or tile saw, and/or jigsaw
  • Rubber mallet, pull bar, and spacers
  • Pneumatic flooring nailer, air compressor, and nail set
  • Drills, drill bits, nippers, grout floats, and notched trowel
  • Buckets, sponges, scrapers, and rags


If you’re taking inventory of your tool shed and realizing you might not have all the tools you need – or you may only need these tools for this project – it’s time to call in the pros. Our experienced staff has access to all of these tools and more, and we can troubleshoot your job on-site to take care of your project without a second thought from you, our satisfied customer!

Not only can you count on the pros to have all the tools at hand – and the know-how required to use them – but you can also realize industry-leading savings when you shop with The Carpet Center for materials! We stock a wide selection in all flooring types to help you find the perfect material for your new floors. Our flooring professionals can help you with your project at every stage – from concept to reality!

Bonded and Insured Professional Craftsmanship

When you Do-It-Yourself, you also Pay-For-It-Yourself if something should go wrong! DIY projects can quickly go from a fun weekend plan to a costly nightmare. If an accident or inexperience causes injury or damage to your home, you’re stuck with the bill!

The Carpet Center is licensed, bonded, and insured to protect our flooring professionals and your biggest investment. Hiring an experienced flooring installer on its own is usually enough to prevent costly mistakes – like damaging your subfloor or overloading upper-story supports. But you can rest assured that professional flooring installers like our team at The Carpet Center are insured against accidents and mistakes – and that we stand behind our craftsmanship! Don’t let inexperience turn your money-saving DIY idea into a money pit that requires extra repair. Call us the first time and we’ll have a stunning new floor installed in no time flat.

Time is Money – Save Yours with Professional Installation

Nothing beats experience. Between hours of watching YouTube tutorials and blocking out a weekend to get the work done, a DIY flooring project can become an enormous time suck. And if you don’t get it right the first time, you might be waiting on another day off with a half-finished floor causing an eyesore in half of your house! Between ripping up the old floor, scraping your concrete or subfloor, and getting new flooring cut and laid, is a single weekend even enough time for you to do the whole thing yourself?

Our professional floor installers have the experience and tools to get just about any project done in a single day. We can take up and dispose of your old flooring, prepare your house for new flooring, and get all the details just right – so you can spend your time on the things that matter to you and your family! 

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

At The Carpet Center, we pride ourselves on professional craftsmanship and excellent service. Whether you’re just now dreaming up new plans for your home’s flooring or you’re in the middle of a DIY nightmare, call on the pros for help! We’re standing by to help make your house a dream home with fast, professional installation and service that goes the extra mile.

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