When is it time to have your upholstery cleaned?

The Carpet Center offers upholstery cleaning services in Conway, Ark. We know how much of a difference upholstery cleaning can make in a home. Many of our customers ask: how often do I need to get my upholstery cleaned?

If you maintain your own upholstery, you know the time and effort required to do a good job. Keeping your home beautiful, cozy, and functional.


How often do I need to clean my upholstery?

Every home is different. Do your pets frequent the couch? Do you leave windows open? Are there any members of your family that suffer from seasonal allergies? All these answers factor into finding an ideal schedule for cleaning your upholstery.

In general, we recommend having your upholstery cleaned by our certified upholstery cleaning service once a year. The upholstered furniture in your home is an investment. As it collects dust, debris, oils from your skin, and more, it can lose color and quality. By maintaining a cleaning schedule, you are protecting your investment. Get your upholstery cleaned to increase the lifetime of your furniture. The money you spend getting it cleaned will be saved as the years go by.

If your upholstered furniture is frequented by pets, it needs a more frequent cleaning schedule to maintain quality. Have your upholstery cleaned every 3 months. As the seasons change, your pet will be bringing new kinds of debris into your home.

Do you keep the windows in your open? Have your upholstery cleaned every 6 months to prevent allergens from building up.


Does your upholstery need cleaning?

Not sure if your upholstery is due for a cleaning? Here are a few ways you can check.


  • Take a white, cotton towel. Make sure it is clean and dry. Run the towel thoroughly across all surfaces of the furniture you are testing. If the cotton towel picks up a gray color after being over the surface of your upholstery, it is time for a clean.
  • Got pets? If you are wondering how much pet dander is on your couch, get a black cloth and a vacuum cleaner with a hose. Cover the tip of the vacuum hose with the black fabric. Run the vacuum over the surface of the upholstered furniture. When you are done, look for white specs on the black fabric. If you see any, it is time for a clean.
  • Schedule a professional cleaning with the team at The Carpet Center.
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