What Will Our Water Restoration Services Do For Your Flooded Flooring?

Have you ever had a mess in your home so bad you briefly consider just moving? No home or business owners wants to experience that sinking feeling of walking into your home and find your beautiful hardwood floor — the one you work so hard to keep dry — sitting under murky water.

The damage water does to your flooring costs money, time, and often extra stress.

The team at The Carpet Center knows flooring, that is why we offer water restoration services. We want to keep the beautiful flooring we install in your home in pristine condition. With our professional water restoration services and a little luck, your hardwood floors can return to their former glory.


How does water damage happen?

Water damage is caused when your flooring takes on more water than it can handle. Small splashes are easy to clean up. A floor that has been flooded is a little more difficult to clean. If your flooring takes on significant amounts of standing water, it will become discolored and possibly warped. When moisture gets to the subflooring, a professional will need to do restoration work to prevent mold from growing.

Flooding can be caused by bad plumbing or unfortunate weather conditions. If your home is flooded due to natural floods or a sewage issue, do not attempt to do any restoration work yourself. This water is not safe to come in contact with.


How do I know if my floor has water damage?

Large amounts of water sitting on your flooring isn’t the only cause for water damage. Poor plumbing can cause water damage in your home over time.

Is the grout of your tile discolored? Are the rugs wet? Does the flooring material feel more like a sponge than a walking surface? These signs are difficult to ignore. The sooner you have a professional water restoration service team – like us — come out to your location the better.


What is water restoration going to look like for my flooring?

The time it will take for a professional team to restore your flooring depends on the type of flooring, the area that was damaged, and how long the water has been sitting.

For hardwood flooring, everything needs to be removed from the room. It is best to plan on the restoration process taking up to four days. The water restoration team will need time to dry out the area, replace, refinish, and cover the floor with a sealant.

Sealants take a while to harden. That is why we prepare customers for services to take up to four days.

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