What to Look for in a Kitchen Flooring Contractor

Choosing your flooring is the fun part – colors, designs, styles – it’s a beautiful blur of interior decorating!

But now it’s time to take the plunge and commit to a flooring contractor. It’s not a small decision or an easy one. You want the best kitchen flooring contractor available, but you also have to think of your budget and make sure you’re not eating Ramen for the rest of the year. 


The price of your kitchen flooring installation will vary depending on the materials you’re using, the average labor costs in your area, and the overhead for your flooring contractor. Overhead may include tools, transportation, worker’s comp insurance, liability insurance, and their admin costs. 


Let’s start by looking at the three most important qualities your kitchen flooring contractor should possess:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Referred

In order to protect your home, your budget, and your investment in new kitchen flooring, you’ll have to ask some questions.


Is Your Kitchen Flooring Contractor Licensed?

You wouldn’t let a teenager drive your car without a driver’s license right? Of course not! Think of the damage they could do! The same thing applies to your flooring contractor. A license proves that, at the bare minimum, a board of people trust that this flooring contractor can do the job correctly and up to code. It also proves that the contractor is professional and successful enough to keep his licensure up to date. 


It is SO much more expensive to redo a botched kitchen flooring job than it is to have it done correctly in the first place. Make sure that you’re only working with professional, licensed contractors. Never be afraid to ask to see their license – the only people who will be offended are ones who are trying to take advantage of you. 


Your kitchen flooring company can likely recommend a flooring contractor they trust. After all, they want you to be able to trust them the next time you remodel a room in your home.


Is Your Flooring Contractor Insured?

Making sure they’re insured is vitally important when you’re choosing a kitchen flooring contractor. Insurance protects the contractor and their workers as well as you and your home. Imagine if there was an unfortunate accident on site that injured the flooring contractor and the contractor was not insured. That means that you could be liable for their medical bills, hospital bills, and disability. 


If you’re like most people, you don’t have that much money available to spare. Being fully insured protects the contractor in case of an injury and it protects you from being held accountable. Always ask a potential flooring contractor if they are insured, and ask them what kind of coverage they have.  A reputable flooring contractor will have copies of their updated insurance sent straight from the insurance company.


Never, ever – please! – work with a company that cannot provide proof of insurance. It leaves you liable for up to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages should an accident occur.  


Does Your Kitchen Flooring Contractor Have References?

Always ask your potential flooring contractor for references before you hire them to replace your kitchen flooring. Hearing directly from satisfied (or unsatisfied) customers can help you make an informed decision and give you an idea of what to expect. 


But better yet, ask for references from the kitchen flooring company from which you bought your new floors. They likely know of or have relationships with the installers in your area


How Responsive is Your Contractor?

Now that you’ve ascertained that your flooring contractor is licensed, insured, and referred, let’s take a look at their customer service. Even if your potential kitchen flooring contractor is a one-person business, they should be committed to providing high-quality service and respond quickly and thoroughly to your needs and concerns. Confidence is earned and a flooring contractor who is not responsive in the beginning will probably not suddenly become responsive during your project.


If you need a kitchen flooring contractor in Central Arkansas, contact the Carpet Center. We’re a one-stop-shop for your kitchen flooring needs. As a kitchen flooring company, we also offer installation services, so you can rest easy that everything is taken care of from the moment of sale till you’re enjoying your new floors.  



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