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Kitchen Flooring: Is Hardwood or Tile Easier to Maintain? 

Everyone wants durable kitchen floors and preferably low maintenance kitchen flooring.

Ceramic tile may be the only flooring material that genuinely works in any room of the house. Tile is used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as foyers, mudrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Few flooring surfaces can match the look and feel of real hardwood. It looks elegant and authentic, feels warm and smooth. Those who love hardwood flooring, love it a lot, and opt-in for real wood on all flooring surfaces in their homes, including the kitchen. They look incredible, but is hardwood in the kitchen a good idea?


Should My Kitchen Flooring Be Tile? 

Glazed ceramic flooring tiles have a hard-protective top layer that makes the tiles impervious to water and stains. The added protection is why tile gets preferred for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

While most ceramic floor tile is glazed, there are unglazed ceramic tiles, too, these must be sealed to protect their surface from liquids and stains. And with all types of tile flooring, the grout in between the tiles are susceptible to moisture and stains and should be sealed regularly for protection.


Should My Kitchen Flooring Be Hardwood? 

Hardwood floors look beautiful, warm, and inviting.

It provides a seamless look, especially between the kitchen and the other parts of the house.

Wood floors are easy to maintain by sweeping or vacuuming when they are dirty, and with an occasional application of wood cleaner to keep its attractive appearance.

Wood floors are versatile and match with almost any kitchen style. You can change the look of the room by adding a new area rug or two to give it a wholly modern feel.

With proper maintenance, hardwood floors are durable and can be used for many years and still look amazing.

Hardwood is well regarded as a good investment because it helps in increasing the house’s value.

Wood floors are repairable if they get scratched by re-sanding and refinishing them, so they regain their original look.


The Maintenance Truth

When properly cared for, hardwood floors will last years. If you choose mid-range or high-quality porcelain tile for your kitchen flooring, it will remain in an excellent condition much longer than the hardwood.

While the tile may last longer as your kitchen flooring, you must ask yourself if the style of hardwoods suits your home better. Hardwood kitchen flooring may lose the battle of maintenance, but it certainly wins the war of style.

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