7 Trends for Remodeling With Kitchen Tile

Tile is a popular choice for kitchens for many reasons.

  • Tile is waterproof.
  • Tile cleans easy—if you have the right grout.
  • Tile is durable and can last for a long time.

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Whether it’s porcelain, ceramic, stone, or even glass, tile is a great choice for any part of your kitchen. Here are a few trends that will make you lean towards using tile in your next kitchen re-modeling project.

1. Minimalism.

The most important trend to watch—that encompasses all other unique kitchen decor budding into popularity—is minimalism.

Less is more.

The more creative you get with the storage space in your kitchen better. Open shelving, white tile backsplashes reach all the way to the ceiling, and materials that are easier to clean—like porcelain and ceramic tiles—are reaching new waves of popularity.

2. Personalized Tiles.

The Do-It-Yourself culture is only growing. Homeowners can design their own tiles either on their own or with the help of companies like Color-It!.

If you are looking for the perfect kitchen tile, but can’t seem to find it anywhere—even on the endless world of online shopping, this is the perfect option for you. Dig deep into your DIY creativity, look for inspiration, and get to designing your own tile.  

3. White.

White has always been a popular trend in kitchens. Look for white tile floors, white tiled countertops, white cabinets, and more. It’s a great base color because it can easily be paired with various accessories and appliances.

White isn’t a trend so much as a good idea. It’s almost a necessity if you want your kitchen to keep up with the latest trends. You can switch out kitchen accessories to match the latest technology and trends.

With a white base color almost anything will match. You can give your kitchen a whole new look without having to bring in a construction crew.

4. Gray.

Similar to white, gray is a great base color. It’s popularity is growing the past few years because of its modern, sophisticated look.

Is white a better idea because it’s been a trend for longer? Not necessarily. A neutral gray also offers a timeless feel.

Gray tile is a great option for homeowners who are looking for an easy modern look that’ll go with anything.

5. Statement floors.

That’s right, bright colors, busy patterns, and unique designs are showing up on kitchen floors everywhere.

Unlike a bold backsplash, a statement floor is not at eye level. This makes it more subtle.

Since rugs aren’t practical in kitchens, tile is being used to create beautiful statement floors.

6. Hardwood Flooring.

Picture your dream kitchen. Does it have wood flooring? Hardwood flooring is a timeless trend. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to maintain in a kitchen. Waterproof flooring is the smarter choice.

Turns out, you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to your kitchen flooring. Modern improvements to tile have made it possible to have kitchen tile that looks just like wood flooring. It’s waterproof, durable and still has that glamorous wood floor look you dream of having.

7. Contrast.

Classic black and white color schemes are showing up in new kitchens everywhere. Sharp color contrasts of many kinds are popular. White is always a great choice and darker colors are on trend—possibly because dark colored surfaces are easier to keep clean.

Trying to match the china you inherited and the modern, sterling silver appliances in your kitchen. No need to hide one or the other. This contrasting trend is also showing up with themes.

Many kitchens are a combination of items. Items that have been passed down for generations—dishes, pans, recipes—and, in contrast, the latest in convenient kitchen technology. So much so it has turned into a trend.

What makes your kitchen unique?

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