Rugs To Keep Hardwood flooring Safe

At The Carpet Center we offer professional, emergency water extraction for customers in Conway. Flooding happens. Depending on the situation, the beautiful hardwood floor that has been flooded with water has the potential to recover. See how we can help. 

You may not be able to predict the next water emergency, but you can do some things to keep your hardwood floors safe from water.

Rugs are a great way to help keep your hardwood flooring safe from everyday water splashes and drips. Here are a few tips for choosing the best rugs for your hardwood flooring.


Choose a rug that compliments your home decor.

Many interior designers will tell you: A room is designed from the floor up. The rug you choose should match your interior design. It should also serve its purpose as a rug by being soft or sturdy, depending on what room it is in. What kind of rug does your hardwood flooring need? Something bold to add more color to the room? Do some research on rug trends. If you have doubts about your rug choice, it is always helpful to get a second opinion.


Use rugs where they are most needed.

Use a good welcome mat to stop outdoor debris from meeting your hardwood floors. A sturdy rug will help protect any high-traffic areas from becoming worn down over the years. Place waterproof mats in areas that are frequently wet. These areas may include the place where everyone takes off their rainboots, where the dog drinks water, where you stand to do the dishes, and more.


Keep your rugs in place with the right materials.

Use rug backing that is made of natural materials, quality vinyl, or anything specifically designed to be safe for hardwood flooring. This is very important to your hardwood floor. If your rug is not held in place with the right materials, it could ruin the floor beneath it. Backing that is made from plastic, rubber, or foam, have the potential to react with the finish on your hardwood flooring. This would cause discoloration and possibly irreversible damage. Also, stay away from carpet tape or anything sticky.


We can help!

If your hardwood flooring has been damaged by plastic, rubber, foam, or sticky rug backing, we can help. The team at The Carpet Center restores flooring in Conway, Ark,.


If you need emergency water extraction in Conway, call The Carpet Center at 501-327-0924.

We can also help you as you deal with the aftermath of the flood. Hardwood floors are resilient. With a little elbow grease, and the right equipment, we’ll get your hardwood flooring looking brand new again.


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