Professional Upholstery Cleaning vs. DIY: Which One is Better?

Truth be told, upholstery cleaning is one of those chores which can give you nightmares because it’s not an easy or fun thing to do. For the same reason, it’s not done frequently at home. Most people go for thorough cleaning once after a few years or a maximum once a year because it’s one heck of a job.

However, the fact remains that without clean sofas, chairs, and other furnishings, you cannot claim to have a neat and tidy place. Clean upholstery doesn’t only add to the looks of your home, it also helps in improving health and safety. PLUS!!! It increases the lifespan of your home accessories.

So you have two options: you can either get professional services for upholstery cleaning, or you can do it yourself (DIY). Both have their own merits and demerits.

  1. What is the cost of upholstery cleaning?
  2. How long does upholstery cleaning take?
  3. Quality of DIY vs professional upholstery cleaning
  4. Upholstery cleaning for deep stains

Let’s take a look and see which option you should go for, shall we?

1. Cost

Okay! So let’s talk about money first. When you look at the cost, clearly, DIY is the one that outshines professional services. It costs way too less than professional cleaning. Furthermore, you can rent tools and equipment to give your DIY cleaning a professional touch. On the other hand, it requires a lot of time, patience and energy to clean the upholstery yourself. You may end up saving some money, but would it be really worth it?

2. Time

Professionals stand winner when it comes to time consumption in upholstery cleaning. With their experience, practice and efficient tools, professionals can wind up heavy cleaning process in two to three hours, therefore, freeing up time for you to run your other errands. Since upholstery cleaning is not done so frequently, therefore hiring professional services would save you a lot of time and energy.

3. Cleaning Results

Let’s face it; no matter how thoroughly you do the cleaning with your rented professional tools; the chances are that the results are never going to be as good as professional cleaning results. A professional cleaning team with their intensive cleaning system can get much more dirt out of your upholsteries and can clean in much more detail as compared to DIY cleaning with your rented tools or home remedies

4. Removing Deep Stains

Professional cleaners can clean heavy fabrics and furnishings more intensively. They can remove heavy stains in much more detail than a DIY approach because of the equipment and machinery available to them. Their hot water suction power, steam cleaning and hot water extraction systems can perform cleaning more thoroughly. Adopting a DIY approach for removing heaving stains from heavy fabrics is something that might not get you substantial results.

Misconceptions About Upholstery Cleaning

People have misconceptions about cost and inconvenience of professional upholstery cleaning, but the fact is that professional cleaning is not only way more convenient, but in the long run, it is also cost-effective. Professional cleaning not only cleans intensively but also provides maintenance to heavy fabrics. This increases the lifetime of upholstery. DIY fabric cleaning may seem cheaper or more convenient because you can choose to clean upholstery whenever you want to. However, you might end up mishandling upholstery while cleaning, hence, leading you to face more damage than the good that comes with it.

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