How to Photograph Your New Flooring

You’d think there’d be nothing to it. You look in your viewfinder, or the screen of your smartphone to preview the image, and the photo doesn’t do your new flooring justice.

How are you going to share with your online following, or the out-of-state relatives that have listened to you talk about this remodeling project for months?

The team at The Carpet Center in Conway appreciates a job well done. That is why we are just as excited about sharing your finished flooring as you are.

Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two on how to show off flooring with photography. Here are a few tips.

  1. Use natural lighting.

Unless you have professional lighting equipment handy, your best bet for lighting is the natural light coming into the room from a window. Once you know how you want to set up your shot (see tips three and four) determine what time of day the lighting from the window will be in the best location.

  1. Get creative with the angle of your photograph.

Overhead images are popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Determine what you want to feature in your photograph and check out a variety of angles. Does your flooring look better from the back of the room or the doorway? Do you want to take the shot from a standing height, or do you get a more unique aspect from sitting on the floor.

The lighting you are using to show off your new flooring might also determine the best angle from which you should take the photo. For example; if you are using the window for lighting, you might not want to have the window in the shot. The brightness of your lightsource might throw off the photo’s main subject.

  1. Stage your photograph.

The floor shouldn’t be the subject of your photo. The floor might be gorgeous, but it’s only the foundation of your room. Here are a few things you can use to show off your floor.

  • Your favorite piece of decor. You might not be ready to put it up in the room. It might even look unusual in the partly remodeled room. It’ll be a great foreshadow for the finished project.
  • Some construction equipment. A few tools will help your shot tell a story.
  • You can be the subject of the photo. Getting things done always looks good on you. You might need another person to help with this.
  1. Don’t try to get the whole room in one shot.

Choose a section of the room to focus on. If you want to show off the whole room, do it in a few different shots. You can get a photograph from the doorway, show off the moulding with an up-close view, or stand on some furniture to get a wider view—just be careful not to fall.

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