Is Tile Right For You?

The Carpet Center has an excellent selection for kitchen tile and bathroom tile in Conway, Arkansas. We would love to help you with the tile aspect of your latest remodeling project, or new build. Our team collectively has years of experience to help you make the best decision for your home or business.

Ok. Let’s talk about tile. In many different ways tile can be used to give a room or entryway that homely, “finished” aesthetic.

There are many benefits—creative and practical–to tile flooring. Tile still has served as practical, durable, easy-to-clean flooring for centuries.

What are you considering it for?  Perhaps a new laundry room look, family room or matching kitchen and bathroom tile is your preferred style.

Tile Installation

We are always ready to help a customers in Conway install their tile of choice, but not every project requires a professional. Here are a few reasons you should consider professional tile installation.

Does your tile need to be waterproof?

This is especially important to consider if you are installing tile in a shower or on a floor supported by wooden beams. Wood tends to swell in reaction to water. This swelling would cause your tile to crack. Save yourself the future trouble and have a professional install the watertight sub flooring and tile.

Are you installing tile in rooms with high visibility?

If you want to do your tile yourself, start in a small, inconspicuous room. Tile flooring in the laundry room doesn’t have to be flawless, especially if it’s on a concrete foundation. The tile in the entryway, on the other hand, will make an impression. You’ll thank yourself for hiring a professional.

Do you have the time and energy to dedicate to such a project?

Tile is time-consuming to install. It requires spending long amounts of time on your knees. Once tile is set, it’s not easy to go back and fix mistakes. Many customers underestimate the ordeal and get help.

Is tile right for this room?

Does your home have foundation problems? You might want to consider flooring that has a little more flexibility. Tile is installed with a little room to move, but won’t be able to stand foundation shifts paired with heavy traffic. It is likely to crack.

You should also consider the weight of the tile you are about to install. Stone tiles are heavy. They might be too much for a second floor room, even for a well-built home.

If you are installing bathroom tile with a shower or bathtub, don’t forget about safety. Consider penny tile or other small tiles. Smaller tiles means more grout and traction. If small tiles are not your thing, a slippery tile floor can usually be remedied by a good rug.

What do you want the tile to do or your room.

When most people think of tile, they think of porcelain and ceramic rectangles, grout, and neutral colors. There is no questioning it’s flooring value when installed properly, but tile is also a great way to bring color and creative design into a room.

If used right, tile can bring a boring room to life. Use it for a statement wall, creative backsplash, and more. It will protect your counters. Most tile is easy to clean, and waterproof—if installed right.

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