How to Choose The Right Carpet Pieces For Your Floor Plan

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A cozy single-purpose room.

As you browse our carpet selection, looking for the perfect carpet for your single-purpose room, narrow down your selections with your color scheme. Your color scheme is a subtle set of rules that will direct you to the perfect pieces for that room.

Wall-to-wall carpet looks best in natural colors. Start with the carpeting and choose the decor based on what will complement the carpet, all while following your color scheme.

Homeowners often choose carpet flooring for a room because it is cozy. Carpet brings warmth to a room that would otherwise feel uncomfortable.


An open floor plan.

Rugs are your best friend when you are decorating your open floor plan. Use large area rugs to create “wall-less” rooms. It will give your open floor plan a sense of purpose and organization.

Choose a rug for every conversation area, the dining table, and any other area that has been specifically designated for a purpose. Don’t be afraid to gold bold as you choose your area rugs. The interior design of your open floor plan starts with the floor. Just like you would in a single purpose room, compliment the carpet or rug with every piece of decor you bring in.

Make sure that your rug is big enough. It is always better to have a rug that is too big than one that is too small. You should also be thoughtful about the kind of pile it has. Fluffy pile looks great, but it is also great at trapping crumbs.



Have you ever fallen down the stairs? What about falling up the stairs? Hardwood stairs are beautiful, but they don’t have a good grip. Use carpeting on the thread. If you are feeling bold, you can save your creative ideas for the risers.

Does carpet not look good with the aesthetic of the room? Thankfully, the thread of your stairs often goes unnoticed, especially at first glance. The carpet you choose for your staircase should be short pile if you are wanting to keep it out of sight. In this case, you should also keep any statement elements away from the risers. Your safe stairs will blend right in.

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