Is There Just One Kind Of Hardwood Flooring?


Oh. Goodness, no.

Can you imagine?

If you only see wood when you see hardwood flooring, stop by The Carpet Center. We’ll introduce you to a whole world of beautiful flooring. Don’t assume you must avoid hardwood flooring because of one specific reason. In a culture where hardwood flooring has always been popular, we seem to have found a solution for everything.

This brings us to an excellent, eco-friendly, affordable, durable, moisture-resistant option: engineered wood.


What is engineered wood?

Engineered wood is a great option for homeowners and business owners who want hardwood flooring in their home or place of business, but are facing humidity problems, budget limitations, and more.

Engineered wood is any hardwood flooring that is wood, but not a solid plank. It is made with layers. It was originally designed to withstand being installed on a slab. The top is a layer of the beautiful hardwood flooring you are looking for. The middle is made of dense wood. The most common material used for the middle layer of it is plywood and fiberboard (high-density). The layer of the engineered wood that sits on the floor is also real wood. This wood is durable and flexible enough to handle being installed on a slab or in room with high-humidity.

While no wood can tolerate standing water for long periods of time, engineered wood resists water (especially when it comes to humidity) better than traditional hardwood flooring.

Like hardwood flooring, engineered wood that has been well cared for can last 40 to 80 years. It can also be refinished. However, engineered wood flooring can only be refinished once.



Engineered wood is

  • Durable due to the high-density of the middle layer,
  • Capable of keeping its shape and color when installed in high-humidity rooms like laundry rooms and bathrooms,
  • Environmentally conscious due to the renewable resources often used in the middle layer,
  • A budget-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring because the top layer is hardwood.

Cleaning it is much like cleaning hardwood flooring. It needs to be swept clean of dirt and debris every day. When it needs a more thorough cleaning, use a dry microfiber mop.


What to look for?

There are many kinds of engineered wood to choose from. Do some shopping at The Carpet Center to find the color, texture, and price that is right for you. The best quality kinds can have up to 9 finish coats, a protective layer, a good warranty, and is about ⅝ to ¾ inches thick.

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