Give the Gift of New Floors for Christmas

Now hear us out – it’s not traditional, but flooring is truly the gift that keeps on giving! And nothing helps you start the new year off right like replacing that stained carpet or dingey linoleum. Whether this is a gift to a family member in need of new flooring or a gift to your own household, we know that new flooring is exactly the pick me up you need to start 2021 off right!

Increase the Value of Your Home  

One of the best benefits of gifting new flooring is that you’re giving the gift of equity! New flooring – especially tile or hardwood flooring – can add drastically to the value of your home. This is an especially good idea if you’re considering selling your home in the near future. And if your floor is in bad shape, new flooring can often be more economical than repairing it over and over. Worn down and damaged flooring – especially in the kitchen or the bathrooms – is a magnet for water damage and other home renovations and repairs. So keeping your flooring up to date can be a vital part of maintaining your home’s infrastructure.

Improve Functionality

You’ll be amazed at how much easier and more pleasant your life is once you install new flooring. Worn and damaged flooring makes it difficult to clean your floors properly, which can add time to your already overwhelming cleaning schedule. New floors also eliminate problems like squeaky boards, cracks that can gather dirt and debris, and unsightly discolorations. New flooring improves the overall functionality of your flooring while also alleviating minor nuisances and improving safety by eliminating tripping hazards like loose boards and torn carpet. 

New Flooring is Healthier

Old floors can gather dust, debris, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. While carpet is a perfectly good flooring option and can be extremely allergy-friendly when properly maintained, it does tend to gather dust and other allergens over time and they can be re-released into the air when you walk across the floor or vacuum. It also holds odors like pet accidents more than a hard surface flooring. If there’s older carpet in your home, consider replacing it with hardwood, tile, or vinyl. Your new flooring will be stain and odor-free. Even if you weren’t actively noticing it, you’ll be amazed at what that can do for the atmosphere of your home!

Lower Your Utility Bills

Your flooring plays a major role in insulating your home. The right flooring can help you keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which has a big impact on your energy efficiency and, therefore, your energy bills. If you live in a warm climate, tile floors can help keep your home cooler while carpeting can help protect your home – and your feet! – from the cold. 

Update Your Look

The importance of loving the look and feel of your home should never be underrated! You spend so much of your time at home (especially in 2020!) and you deserve a relaxing, comfortable space. You may think that worn, musty flooring isn’t that noticeable, but it can cast a pall on even the best-decorated room. New flooring can help you enhance the design and decoration of any room in the house! When you don’t love the floors, it’s hard to love the room. 

If you’re interested in giving (or receiving!) the gift of new flooring this Christmas, just give the professionals at The Carpet Center a call! One of our flooring specialists will walk you through your options step by step. We offer custom flooring solutions for every style and every budget.

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