Getting Your Carpet Cleaning Done While Living In Conway

You are getting your carpet cleaning done while living in Conway.

We all know to get your carpet cleaning done once a year is imperative, but did you know that a household with children, pets, or smokers need at least twice a year?  

Here are a few reasons to keep carpet cleaning on your calendar.



Regular vacuuming only keeps up the appearance of your carpet slightly. To truly prevent the ugly truth of matting you need to be diligent about the once to twice a year professional carpet cleaning.

Having a dirty carpet is much more than an eyesore, it becomes detrimental to the lifespan on the carpet. With no professional carpet cleaning your carpet has about two to five years at best. With professional carpet cleaning, you have a much better chance of reaching the ten to fifteen-year mark with your carpet.

Your carpet collects dirt, dust, and germs much like an A/C filter, and when your carpet is in constant use, the dirt builds up breaks down the fibers of the carpet rendering it worn much earlier than it should.



Even though we all know that one person who “steam cleans their own carpet” how much are they doing for their carpet? Not enough. While it isn’t a bad idea to contribute more to your carpet cleaning, it in no way replaces a professional carpet cleaning.

Attempting to clean your carpet may even lead to water damage or further bacteria build up.


Healthy Carpet

Having a good carpet is more than vacuuming and steam cleaning on your own, it’s more than the overall appearance and lifespan, it continues into allowing a professional carpet cleaning to maintain a healthy household.

The air quality indoors can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality unless you routinely have your carpets cleaned.

Don’t forget to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once this year.  

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