Floor Cleaning Made Easy

You might think only carpet floors need professional cleaning, but your hardwoods and tile are suffering without the extra attention.



Carpets are the most well-known type of flooring that needs floor cleaning.

Not only can professional floor cleaning extend your carpets lifespan, but it can also reduce the likely hood of it needing replacement before the warranty is expired. Not only is it a hassle to replace, but it’s even more expensive than getting your floors routinely cleaned.

To honestly keep up with carpet professional floor cleaning needs to happen once a year at least, twice a year if you have pets, kids, or smokers present.


Tile and Grout

The best way to get your tile and grout back to its former glory is steam cleaning. Floor cleaning doesn’t have to be something you dread; you can look forward to having nice clean tiles and more importantly clean grout.

Not to mention how expensive it is to retile, or god forbid redo grout or reseal the whole floor. The floor cleaning process is made entirely hassle free with a professional floor cleaning.

Again, once to twice a year you’ll need that floor cleaning done.



Hardwood is a bit different from carpet and tile, the dirt and grime have nowhere to hide.

Keeping up with hardwood is vital to avoid costly sanding and refinishing.

Through routine professional floor cleaning your hardwoods will always look new.

Hardwoods even require an additional floor cleaning or two a year from carpet or tile. Many people attempt to overcompensate this fact by over mopping, or over sweeping, this damages the floor further. By over mopping and even using too much water mopping you can water log your hardwoods causing further problems. Over sweeping, on the other hand, can cause scratches and this type of problem quickly leads to re-sanding and refinishing.

You should be getting your floor cleaning professional done.

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