Bathroom Remodeling is Easier Than You Think | Start Now and Be Happy

Dreaded bathroom remodeling. You have refused to tackle this project in fear of the worst. Is that mold you smell? What if you have to replace the subfloor? To move the plumbing lines will be a major undertaking! You’ve heard that flooring and plumbing and electrical is expensive and labor intensive! Don’t fear. Don’t fret. Bathroom remodeling is a painless procedure when done correctly.
Here are the 5 stages of your remodel to happiness.
1) Design. Work with an architect to formulate your layout and plan.
2) Demolition. Arguably the most enjoyable stage for many in the profession. With historic homes, there is always a chance you will find a nearly pristine, original piece of finished work to redisplay. A welcoming bonus if that idea can fit your vision.

3) Walls and floor: You may remove walls and floors, replace them, or even add new ones. Maybe you are adding onto an adjoining closet, or expanding a closet. Here is your chance to build exactly as you see it. Problem spot in the floor? Easily replaced at this point.

4) Plumbing and Electrical: Reroute plumbing and electrical. Accent lighting will look great against the installed natural stone. Options are endless for dispensing water. Pick whatever type of shower head you like. If you want the waterfall in your shower, now is the time.

5) Walls, floors, and trim: Usher in the new! You have picked your favorite surfaces, textures, and colors. Watch them come together beautifully. Paint, if necessary. Trimwork. Install the lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Job is finished. Enjoy the new look and feel. Depending on the size and detail of your space, a professional team will have this bathroom remodeling session knocked out in a day to a week.
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