8 Clever and Bizarre Carpet Designs

Carpeted bathrooms and furry walls may have fallen out of style, but there are still plenty of crazy carpet trends on the market. Surprisingly, some of the crazy and bizarre trends out there don’t look half bad – some of them are creative, contemporary, and clever! From rugs with built-in clocks and alarms to full-room carpet with contemporary or tactile designs, we’ve found some of the most clever carpets around. Beware! Some of these ideas might have you looking to install a new statement piece yourself!

The Flying Carpet

The flying carpet is part flooring part furniture! Combining a cozy carpet with a curvature that allows you to lounge comfortably on the floor while you’re gaming or enjoying movie night, this carpet is at once functional and whimsical. Your guests might raise their eyebrows when they first see the raised edges of this carpet – making it look frozen in time in the middle of a good shake – but they’ll be looking for their own flying carpet after relaxing in the built-in sitting area!

Flyover Views

Seen more often at airports and museums than residential settings, these carpets feature flyover views that can really elevate the look of your home. Choose a patchwork of farmland for warm, earthy tones or a bird’s eye view of your favorite city for a cool, contemporary look! Either way, your guests will feel like they’re walking on air.

Kooky Contemporary Carpets

“Contemporary” doesn’t have to be a codeword for “weird” – but it certainly can be! Carpet designs featuring splashes of color, rows of rounded art blots, or wild designs can take a simply-designed room to the next level. Pair these bold carpets with flat-toned furniture for ultimate effect, making a huge statement underfoot.

Bold, Unique Patterns

Kin to the contemporary options in modern carpeting, patterned carpets are coming into vogue. These clever designs create the look – and sometimes even the feel – of tile, brick, cobblestone, and mortar. Pair the comfort of carpet with the look of an old English street or go bold with red brick and dress it up with an area rug! If you’re not keen on making your flooring look like…well, other flooring, choose a bold pattern that compliments the other design elements of your home! Plaid, floral, mosaic – your options for patterned carpeting are almost limitless.

Rug Slippers and Slipper Rugs

Squarely in the realm of the bizarre is the insanely clever slipper rug. These carpet sections feature slippers made of the carpet material that fits right into the rug when they’re not being worn! You can put a slipper rug by the door so folks can change out of their shoes and slip into more comfortable footwear for the house. The slippers almost completely disappear when they’re not being used! Who knew carpets could be so multifunctional?

Rug Alarm Clock

If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, the rug alarm clock might be for you! Set your alarm, place the rug by your side of the bed, and be ready for an early start the next morning. There’s no way to snooze this alarm and roll over; you’ve got to put your feet on the rug to turn it off!

Character Rugs

If you’ve got a favorite video game or cartoon character, you might need to check out these unique area rugs! Characters like Mario, Pacman, Winnie the Pooh, and Mickey and Minnie can be found on rugs of all shapes and sizes. These rugs are a great way to break up a kid-friendly play area or bedroom!

Puzzle Piece Carpets

Puzzle piece carpets aren’t just a great way to pop some color into a room – they’re also a modular flooring system! You can build out area rugs or comfort squares in any room. When you’re done using them or want to change it up, you can disassemble the puzzle pieces and stack them up in storage.

Carpet Closer to Home

Whether you’re looking for a creative solution for your space or more conventional carpets and flooring, we’re here to help. Contact us today or visit one of our convenient locations – we’ve got you covered!

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