6 Things You Don’t Want To Overlook When Renovating Your Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood flooring can be a daunting task to undertake. With high cost involved, you don’t want to go wrong with the renovation process. There are several factors you need to put under consideration while renovating your hardwood floors. The following tips from our knowledgeable team will help guide you through:


1. Your Flooring Pick

The most difficult decision you face during the hardwood flooring process installation is making your pick between ‘solid hardwood’ and ‘engineered hardwood’. The results of which you will have to face when you are dealing with the renovation stage. If you picked engineered hardwood, then retouch ups can be a problem depending on how thick or thin the wood is. Similarly, solid hardwood gives the leverage to rework the part only above the tongue and groove of the wood.


2. What’s the Finishing Like?

Hardwood floor finishing comes in various types. The most commonly used are oil finish or polyurethane. You have to be mindful of the properties of these two in order to get the maximum benefit from refreshing your hardwood flooring. Oil finishes are easy to rework with as it helps remove stains easily while polyurethane finished hardwood would require the plank to be removed in order to renovate it.


3. Take Area into Consideration

Before jumping to conclusions as to how you want to tackle your hardwood flooring renovation, it is better to check how much area you are talking about. If the area you are dealing with is small then sanding and sealing that very part of the floor would be enough instead of redoing the entire flooring.


4. What’s Your Wood Type?

Just like a doctor tests the blood type of their patient before going for any procedure, similarly, when you are about to renovate your hardwood flooring, it is a prerequisite to know what kind of wood you are dealing with. Is it oak wood or walnut wood? What are the particulars about the wood grain? Find the answers to these and then choose a solution accordingly.


5. The DIY Tools

Right before you attack the floor to renovate your hardwood flooring or just a small plank of wood, make sure you have the right set of weapons for a successful assault. The tools that will come in handy include protective gloves, safety wear, pliers, pry bar and a high level of patience given the length of time this takes to complete.


6. Hiring a Hardwood Renovation Expert

If the DIY information does not make any sense to you, hiring a hardwood flooring expert can save you a lot of energy, time and of course, money. Doing it all by yourself can be wearisome but with the help of a professional hardwood refinisher, you will be confident that the job is going to be well taken care of.

The aforementioned things if put to practice can help take away your hardwood flooring renovation stress. Forget the hassle; we got you covered on this one. It is renewal time!

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