5 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Upholstery Cleaned

Your home is a reflection of your personality.


And the furniture in your home communicates a lot about your taste, your lifestyle and how deeply invested you’re in your home.  So, you end up spending lots of time and money buying that perfect piece of furniture for your home.


However, it doesn’t always stay as “perfect” as you first bought it. To your surprise (and dismay), you find it filled with all kinds of stain from spilled wine, food, dirt and what not…ONLY after a few months and sometimes weeks since you brought that buddy home


And if you are not careful enough, your furniture can also become the new breeding place for mites and other microorganisms in your home. So, it’s in your best interest to get your upholstery cleaned and considering the following 5 things when doing so will help you a lot in the long run.


Upholstery Cleaning Tags

Your upholstery is usually marked with “upholstery cleaning tags” and knowing these tags in advance can immensely help you find the perfect cleaner for your upholstery.


Here are the codes mentioned on the tags and what they actually mean:

W: use water-based cleaning agent

S: use water-free solvent

S/W: both water-based and water-free cleaning agents can be used

X: use only vacuum or some light brushing


Share these codes with the service provider you are considering so that your cleaner understands your need and know what kind of equipment and cleaning agents will be required to get the job done. These tags also come handy if you’re looking to clean your upholstery yourself.


Watch Out for Chemicals

Upholstery cleaning involves chemicals for sure!


So it is vital that you understand this and use chemicals that are eco-friendly and safe for kids and pets. Also, ask the cleaner to make sure that there are no leftover chemicals once furniture is ready to be used after cleaning services.



A big concern when getting your upholstery cleaned is what if cleaning leaves your upholstery damaged? It’s a fairly valid concern and you should always consult with your service provider about how they will make sure that fabric on your furniture remains intact.


Of course, if your furniture has a warranty, it is always a good idea to call the store and confirm what will happen to the warranty in case you get it cleaned.



Knowing the cost in advance not only helps you with your budgeting but if you ask for a quote from at least 3 vendors, it will give you more power to negotiate a lower rate. So, you end up having a good deal for you.



Improper upholstery cleaning can do more harm than good! So do not compromise on quality or competence of the cleaner.


Firstly, ask your friends/colleagues/neighbors about their experience in this regard and sometimes just taking this step will help you a lot in narrowing down the choices.


Of course, you can always do an online search to help you point in the right direction.


Note: During your online search, specifically look for customers’ testimonials and feedback.


So! If you have upholstery in your home and you have forgotten (or ignored) to get it cleaned than not only you risk tarnishing the image that it communicates about your personality and lifestyle, but it also reduces the life of your furniture.


Yes! Upholstery cleaning is no FUN! However, if you consider the above mentioned 5 things, you will make the process quite hassle-free.

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