5 Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for a Lovely Home

Life is made up of choices, choices and lots of choices! You have to make a decision at every step of your life. And when it comes to building or revamping your house, flooring department is one to pay most heed to. The beauty of any house lies in its details that suit everyone. Not to miss your pets, of course, that share the space with you. In that case, you are not only looking for a regular pretty looking flooring but one that is pet-friendly too. Want to know about the best pet-friendly flooring options you have? Your wish has been granted.

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1. Vinyl

If low-cost and high durability is your preference, then Vinyl is the option to take up this very instant. It works really well in reducing the sounds that an otherwise ordinary floor would make when the pets walk on it. It comes in various attractive looking designs and causes least pet injuries due to its low slipperiness. The only factor that is a little off-putting is that the foundations of this floor can weaken if a liquid spill is not immediately taken care of and the floor is not cleaned up properly.


2. Carpet

Floors with carpeting is the option that can add a cute touch to your home because it comes in different vibrant to subtle range of colors and varieties. They are one of the favorites with the pet because they tend to be quite comforting for the pets to rest on. Carpeting can make them feel warm and pampered. On the contrary, the pet owners might find cleaning and maintenance of the carpets a tiring job (unless you wanna hire expert and fast services of The Carpet Center, in that case, you’re in good hands).


3. Laminate

This kind of flooring is one of the most popular ones with the pet owners because it covers up both the fronts that a buyer would be on the lookout for i.e. practical and presentable. They resemble wooden flooring but are actually made up of synthetic ingredients. Easy clean-up and scratch resistant qualities make this a good choice for the pet owners to consider. However, the smoothness of the floor can cause the pets to slip if they are running fast causing minor accidents.


4. Cork

If eco-friendly flooring is your first priority than cork flooring can be a good choice. Also, it provides the next level comfort and homey feel to the pets. It works well in reducing the pet walking noise. However, sometimes it fails to take the pressure of heavy furniture, sunlight can cause floor discoloration and the smoothness of the floors can cause pet injuries as well.


5. Hardwood

Most commonly used floorings are wooden floorings for their appealing finished rich look and easy to clean up approach. However, many find this an expensive option because of the initial installment and that of its timely replacements. They cannot fight against the pet scratches and are easily prone to water damages as well.

Now that you are mindful of the most pet-friendly flooring options for your lovely home, it’s time you made your best flooring pick! Browse our flooring selection for the variety that suits your needs.

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