5 Cool decorating hacks you can do with laminate floors

The popularity of laminate flooring has skyrocketed in recent years because of its versatility and affordability. There is a huge selection of designs, colors, and textures from which to choose – even designs that look just like wood or tile flooring! Besides being more affordable, laminate flooring is easier to maintain than hardwood or tile – and it’s also much easier to install on your own. 


But did you know that you can use laminate flooring to decorate your home in other ways? That’s right! This material is so versatile that you can use it in a variety of crafts and hacks to transform your home and upgrade your style. You can buy laminate specifically for this purpose, or you can use leftover laminate from your remodeling project!

1. A Statement Wall

Laminate flooring is the perfect solution when you’re thinking about creating a statement wall in your home! You can buy laminate that looks like terracotta tiles for a southwestern feel or cultivate a rustic, farmhouse appeal with a reclaimed wood look. There are even stone styles that can help you create an “enchanted grotto” feel when you accent it with your pandemic plant collection! You can special order, or you can extend the pattern of your flooring for a very sleek, modern look. Just measure and install exactly as you would for your floor!

2. Full-Length Rustic Mirror

Love the look of those full-length farmhouse mirrors, but not willing to drop several hundred dollars on one? Upgrade an existing mirror, or buy a cheap one at the local home goods store; measure and cut the planks to size; super-glue or Gorilla-glue the mirror to the frame, and voila! A gorgeous, full-length mirror that subtly complements your decor.

3. Resurface Your Kitchen Island

Resurfacing your kitchen island is the perfect way to give your kitchen a fresh new look!. Just cut the scraps of flooring to size and install them over the surface of your island. Just be sure to clean it thoroughly first to ensure dirt and debris don’t interfere with the adhesive you’re using. You can match your kitchen floors for a sleek look, or create a funky, creative vibe with contrasting colors and/or patterns. For a more rustic look, you can scuff the laminate a little. Just be careful not to overdo it! 

4. Coasters and Other Decoupage Crafts

Simply gather your paper collaging materials – magazine cutouts, photos, newspaper, etc. – and your laminate scraps. Decoupage is basically the process of gluing your paper materials to a smooth, flat surface and sealing it with Modge Podge or a similar compound. To make personalized coasters – great for home decor or homemade gifts! – simply cut your laminate planks to the desired size, glue down your materials, and then cover or spray with acrylic sealant – this is what creates the shiny “trapped-in-glass” appearance. To protect your household surfaces, glue a cork tile to the underside of the coasters.   


The same process works for decoupage collages of any size!

5. Garden Tools and Crafts

Did you know that laminate is weatherproof? And unlike wooden planks, they contain resin and have a protective outer layer which means they start deteriorating much later. This durability makes laminate scraps perfect for recycling in outdoor projects! Use small planks as dividers in your garden beds. Cut small stakes that you can paint and label to help identify your plants. Or create adorable yard art and witty signs! 


Laminate is an excellent material for flooring, but it’s also incredibly useful for upcycling and creating all sorts of crafts. If you have any questions about laminate flooring, contact the Carpet Center. Our helpful staff is always here to walk you through any questions or concerns you may have about your laminate floor. 

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