4 Reasons You should Avoid Cleaning Your Carpet Yourself

Professional carpet cleaners (like us) are here for a reason. We know it is hard to deeply cleanse the carpets at home, which are exposed to daily fungi, mites, dust and so much more. Daily carpet vacuuming at home only gives people the satisfaction that they are doing their best to guard against dust and other dirt from piling up and sticking to the beds of their carpets. However, sit back and read through the following reasons why you should avoid cleaning carpets yourself and delegate this task to professional carpet cleaners instead.


1. The Shampoo Mishandling

Anything mishandled can end up badly. Same goes for the carpet cleaning. You think you know a shampoo can clean up the carpet mess but are you sure which shampoo is required and how much would be enough to clean those stains? Sure not. This is why most carpets end up going rough or smell bad because the shampoo used is a little too much or it isn’t rinsed properly, leaving them to look terrible and dull. Professional carpet cleaners are well aware of this entire carpet cleaning process and are well equipped with the best carpet cleaning shampoos as well.


2. Using Too Much Water While Washing

Sounds bizarre, we feel you! This is why avoiding carpet cleaning at home will serve you well. Carpeting can be pretty sensitive and the bristles can break off or appear ugly if not washed properly. Over-washing can ruin the very foundation of your carpeting and can take days to dry up. Also, they might not even dry up from the inside if washed with too much water and end up smelling bad. The carpet cleaners have proper water pumps and special instruments that use just the appropriate amount of water needed for a thorough carpet wash.


3. Excessive Use of Good Smelling Powders

With our carpets smelling bad, we just cannot resist the need to put good scenting powders to it. It can be your worst step towards carpet cleaning if you have not washed it with the right amount of shampoo, washed the shampoo with enough water and dried the carpet well. The excessive use of powder and deodorizers may lessen the carpet smell but the powder might stick to the bed of your carpeting, making it look bland and dull.


4. The Warranty Card Terms and Conditions

Warranty cards are usually packed with terms and conditions. Many such cards, like the one you might have been given with your new piece of carpeting, states if you want to ever return or exchange the purchased carpeting, you ought to make sure it is nicely washed up by the carpet cleaners. This implies that you can only claim the warranty if you have given your carpeting professional care. Hence, this is one important factor why you should avoid carpet cleaning at home and hire professional carpet cleaners like Champion Restoration instead.

All in all, if you want to keep your house free of all skin diseases and illnesses of the sort, it is recommended to make sure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned by professionals.

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