4 Reasons to have your bathroom tile steam cleaned asap.


Professional tile cleaning contractors use a powerful multi-jet rotating steam cleaning tool that is hooked up to a truck mounted steam cleaning machine. These types of steam cleaning machines can effectively steam-clean large areas of tile and grout in a relatively short period. The high-pressure steam is contained under a cleaning disk so there is no splash or overspray.


There is no need to (repeatedly) get out a bucket, wait while the bucket fills with water and then lug it about the home with you.

Another aspect of steam cleaning that lots of people don’t think about is that it gets rid of unwanted germs you can’t see and 100% chemical free.

The fact is, the bathroom harbors germs, and they are everywhere. Not only are the toilet, sink, and tub germy but the bathroom tile is riddled germs also.

Truly Clean

Tile and grout surfaces are highly porous. Wiping these areas down with a chemical cleaner merely removes surface dirt and grime. Steam, on the other hand, penetrates surface pores and removes deeply-embedded stains and whatever else might be lurking beneath, such as bacteria, mold spores, and contagious pathogens. Many widely used chemical cleaners contain irritants and emit fumes that can damage your skin, eyes, and lungs. Steam cleaning is a no-chemical process, so it’s a much safer choice for people — especially those with chemical sensitivities, respiratory illness or allergies — and pets.

Once mold starts growing, particularly in the bathroom tile and grout, it can produce harmful and deadly mycotoxins that can cause a host of health problems. Bleach does not kill mold; instead, it just turns it white, so it blends in with the surface. The high temperature of steam cleaning kills the fungus while the bristles of attachments can remove it from the cracks and hard to reach places altogether.

Maintenance and Time

When dirt and debris are left untreated, they can cause damage to the grout lines of your bathroom tile. Dust and debris loosen grout lines, which allows water and dirt to get underneath the bathroom tile. If this happens, you will need to replace your flooring, which is costly. Steam cleaning gets rid of the built-up dirt and debris and extends the life of your tile. Hiring professionals to steam clean your bathroom tile and grout will save you money and stop damages.

Trying to clean all your tile and grout, especially in a large area, can take time. However, professional tile and grout steam cleaners use a powerful, multi-jet rotation steam cleaning tool. This powerful system allows professionals to cover larger areas in a short amount of time. Other forms of tile and grout cleaning such as hand cleaning cover little space and take more time. Steam cleaning allows you to use your time for other household cleaning chores.


One of the significant advantages of steam cleaning is that it only uses steam. Steam itself is merely water vapor so it contains no chemicals which themselves might provoke an allergic reaction.

Another key advantage is that water vapor is a natural deodorizer which itself has no odor at all. Many chemical cleaners used today do have an unnatural chemical odor which may smell better than a dirty rug, but not as good as nothing at all.

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