3 Rules For Lazy Floor Cleaning

Getting your floor clean and keeping it clean isn’t rocket science. You too can have sparkling clean flooring. When friends and family come over they will not question your life choices  Like becoming a professional basket weaver — is that a thing? That should totally be a thing — or sticking to a diet of mainly potato-based foods.

Someone with a perpetually clean floor must know something about getting by in this world.

Here are some rules from our floor cleaning team for lazy floor cleaning.


Rule 1 – Know how your floor SHOULD be cleaned.

If you have hardwood flooring or tile, take some time up-front to learn how to clean the floor. Once you know the rules, you can start adapting them to fit your lifestyle.

For example, hardwood flooring should not be cleaned with a regular mop. A hardwood floor sealed with wax can’t be cleaned with water at all. Water and oil based polyurethane sealants on hardwood flooring are much easier to clean.

To clean hardwood flooring that has been sealed with polyurethane, you will need a special cleaner (check with the manufacturer of your flooring). If you don’t know the manufacturer of your flooring, use a soap that is pH-neutral. Add the soap to a bucket of water and clean the floor with a damp, not wet, mop. Dry the floor with a microfiber mop.

Want to go an extra step? Hardwood flooring LOVES tea. Boil water, add two tea bags and let the mixture steep for a few minutes. Clean the floor with this tea using a damp, soft cloth.


Rule 2 – Work with what is convenient.

Did your toddler make a mess on your bathroom floor while they were taking a bath? Did you clean up that mess with a towel? If you have tile flooring in your bathroom, that counts as mopping.

Wear those fuzzy socks and “Swiffer” the floor as you walk around.

Do you still have those anti-microbial mats your parents gave you when you moved out? Put them at every entryway to stop dirt and debris that get on your floor from your shoes after you’ve been outside.


Rule 3 – Use floor cleaning to de-stress.

Did you know that cleaning helps reduce stress? Simple tasks are similar to meditation for some people. For many, a clean home creates a sense of peace and accomplishment.  

Perhaps that sudden urge to tidy up — like this man — is just your subconscious telling you to take a break and do something that doesn’t require such deep thinking.

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