When is it time to call a professional to clean your floor?

When your floor isn’t looking as bright and shiny as usual, and your typical floor cleaning methods aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to call a professional floor cleaner.

Having your floors professionally cleaned offers many benefits for your home or place of business. Here are just a few reasons our customers value The Carpet Center’s floor cleaning services.

Health benefits.

The floor traps germs, allergens, and more. Carpeted flooring has a higher chance of retaining moisture and mold, fungi, and other forms of contaminates. Hardwood flooring also traps dust, allergens, and bacteria. It might not seem like much—it might not even be visible—over time the accumulation will begin to cause problems for anyone with allergies.

If you have small children in your home, professional floor cleaning is highly recommended. Children have a higher sensitivity to mold and the contaminants that build-up in floors. A professional will know which chemicals to use on what flooring. They will also know the precautions to take while working the the harmful chemicals and fumes that often accompany floor cleaning.

Business benefits.

A well-maintained floor will make an impression on your clients or customers. It is a sign of a successful business that cares for the wellbeing of their employees. If your business is a brick and mortar store, presentation is everything. If your store features a hardwood floor, protect your investment with regular cleaning.

Personal benefits.

The alternative to hiring a professional floor cleaning service is to do the floor cleaning yourself. From that perspective, the service is worth every penny. Your time is valuable. Maybe you are self-employed or have a family you’d rather spend time with. If you have no experience in cleaning floors, you risk injury or making costly mistakes by not using the proper materials or equipment.

A professional floor cleaner will arrive with knowledge and experience to make sure your floor is cleaned properly. They will already have the equipment and know which materials will be best for your floor. Should your floor have a difficult stain, a professional will have a much easier time finding the right solution to treat the stain.

Home benefits.

Like a better looking place of business, a professional floor cleaning service can benefit your home with the same quality look. Properly maintaining the flooring in your home will increase your home’s resale value should you ever decide to sell. The floors will last longer. They will be better prepared to stand up against the everyday wear and tear from your family.

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